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Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA)
The Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA) is a member organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for rehabilitation professionals, and others in the field of rehabilitation, through knowledge and diversity.

Please feel free to join our mailing list at ora@bex.net to receive updates on events and critical information associated with the rehabilitation industry.

Ohio is also part of the Great Lakes Region (GLR) which is comprised of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.  The purpose of the GLR is to address issues held in common by each of its’ state chapters and to represent the region’s concerns to the NRA Governing Board.

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National Rehabilitation Association
The Nation's most established and respected membership association for rehabilitation professionals. NRA members work to eliminate barriers and increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We provide our members opportunities for advocacy and increased awareness of issues through professional development and access to current research topics. Together, we work towards a society where there are no barriers, environmental or attitudinal, to full employment and participation in life. We invite you to join our growing community of thousands by becoming a member today!

Ohio Rehabilitation Association | Phone: 419-841-8889 | Email: info@ohiorehab.org | Find Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA) on Facebook | Engage with Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA) on Linked In